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July, 2018

Cryptocurrency Market Dominance

Market Capitalization or market cap is market value of a crypto currency, which can be determined by simply multiplying the current outstanding supply and price of one crypto token. Market Cap is a great measure to determine the risk in investing into a Cryptocurrency; it gives us a measure of the size of the company backing a Cryptocurrency.

Dominance in crypto market is the measure of how much of the whole market is covered by a particular crypto currency. The top 10 currencies in crypto currency market right now cover up more than 80% of the total market, and at the instant while writing Bitcoin dominates at 42.25% of total crypto currency market, followed by Ethereum at 17.27% and XRP at 6.75%. What this means is that of the total value of crypto currency market, Bitcoin occupies 42.25%.

At it gets very easy to analyze the crypto market with market cap based market dominance view in play. It is much easier to get the top 10 crypto currencies dominating the crypto market and thus, lookout for the dominators of the crypto market and invest accordingly.

cryptocurrency dominance live charts

Dominance of a Cryptocurrency is its share of market capitalization in the total market capitalization of the crypto market. The market dominance chart shows you the dominance of top Cryptocurrencies over the time. Through these charts you can also compare the dominance of various Cryptocurrencies over a period of time. Right now it enables you to compare the top 10 Cryptocurrencies and the rest as “others”.

Below the chart this view also shows the market dominance data in a table with the actual market capitalization values and their market share. One can see the current distribution of market cap across various crypto currencies in a tree map view.

cryptocurrency dominance tree graph