cryptocurrency analyzer and rtq
July, 2018

Cryptocurrency Analyzer and Real-time Quotes

The most important characteristics of a Cryptocurrency are Price, Market cap and Circulating supply. Some people believe in Market Cap to be the right metric to measure the “short term investing”, while for “long term investing”, price is considered as the correct metric to look at. Either way circulating supply is something that both kinds of investors agree to be a good factor.

What does an investor needs to do next?
What an investor does next is comparing these metrics with their 24 hour, 7 day or even year old values to draw a conclusion and predict as to where and how much to invest. Some times the increase in volume and prices both indicates a pump and some short term investments can be done in this, thus the investor could take advantage of this phenomenon for quick profits.

At, We support all three, market cap, price as well as circulating supply on a single chart so that you can easily analyze the currency of your interest an in a really short period of time. Not only that we take this to the next step by allowing multiple currency selection, which would allow you to compare two or more currencies side by side with a base of simplicity. For each selected Cryptocurrency the Currency Analyzer shows the latest data in real time for Price, 24 Hour trading volume (USD), Circulating Supply, Market Capitalization, Day High (Highest traded price of the crypto in 24Hour interval), Day Low (Lowest traded price of the crypto in 24Hour interval).

currency analyzer

What an investor needs next are Real-time quotes or real-time prices of their favorite crypto currencies across all supported exchanges. Real time quotes are not generally available even on the top analytics tools, while still being one of the most required features.

Realtime quotes charts provide you with real-time quotes, that is the price of the crypto across various crypto exchanges in real time. Along with the prices one can also see how much change there has been in the price since last 24hours across different crypto exchanges for each crypto currency.

Realtime Crypto market status

Through this view one can compare the price of any crypto currency across the top trading volume exchanges. For a day trader trading on multiple exchanges, this view can serve as a single point to check prices across multiple exchanges. At the top of this View the total market capitalization of the crypto market, the 24hour trading volume and the dominance of bitcoin is shown which is updated in real time.