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Cryptoz.ai is dedicated to providing users with comprehensive, high quality, actionable market intelligence about the cryptocurrency marketplace. As cryptocurrency participation from individuals and institutions increases, and as cryptocurrency valuations increase, there is a great need for good quality data.

Cryptoz.ai is dedicated to bringing organized traditional financial methodology to the cryptocurrency market. Concepts such as indexing, commonplace in the financial world, is not available for the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Using live data from over 20 cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as historical data since 2014, users get unmatched insight into the cryptocurrency marketplace. We invite you to visit us and experience a new perspective on this important asset class.

About Cryptoz Indices

Cryptoz.ai publishes two sets of indices that track the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Market Capitalization-based Indices

The Cryptoz.ai Market Cap indices are designed to track the performance of the cryptocurrency marketplace. As a market cap based index, the weightage of the index constituents reflects the market cap of that cryptocurrency. Four Cryptoz.ai Market Cap indices are available: Cryptoz-10, Cryptoz-25, Cryptoz-50 and Cryptoz-100. The number represents the top X cryptocurrencies by market cap. Constituents are evaluated monthly to ensure their eligibility.

Equal Weight Indices

A popular alternative to market cap based indices is equal weighted indices. Market Cap indices are often criticized for being "top-heavy", meaning the bigger components have a larger influence on the index. Equal-weighted indices solve this problem by rebalancing on a regular basis to make each component have equal weightage in the index. Many investors prefer this form of indexing. Cryptoz.ai offers four equal-weight indices: Cryptoz-EW-10, Cryptoz-EW-25, Cryptoz-EW-50 and Cryptoz-EW-100.

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